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Chicago Sports Show is well-known for its speakers. It doesn’t matter who you are: experienced or amateur fishing or hunting lover, the lecturers who dig into each detail. Let’s overview who had already taken part in the fairs before.

Skillful fishers sharing their knowledge

Here are the sports guys to listen to:

Captain Mike Corblies is a world-class instructor and videographer for the sport he has practiced for over 50 years. He is the international director of the American Fly Fishing Schools, which includes some of the best casting instructors, fly fishing guides and member lodges in North America and the Caribbean.

More information about him can be found at americanflyfshingschools.com.

Captain Matt ‘Catfish’ Firestein runs “Whopper Stopper Muskie Charters and Guide Service” on Lake St. Clair. He was successful fishing from east of Montreal to Winnipeg. He has won numerous tournaments. In the LK. St.

Clair specializes in casting, jigging, and trolling for large fish. His 20 years of fishing experience provide him with a unique perspective on tactics that will assist any angler in hunting giant fish in the LSC or its surrounding lakes.

Big Fish Guide Service owner Eric Haataja runs one of the best and most respected fishing guides and charters in Wisconsin and the Midwest. Eric is a full-time Wisconsin fishing sports guide and charter captain for the Great Lakes, and he offers a variety of fishing trips with the goal of catching “Big Fish” in Wisconsin. Every month of the year, he performs in the waters of Wisconsin.

Patrick K Harrison has been fishing for over 45 years, a fishing sports instructor and seminar speaker for 8 years, and a USCG captain for 2 years. Captain for two years and member of various clubs’ boards. He is a Pro Staff member for Evinrude, Bass Minder, Never Snag, and other brands.

TOP sports hunters you may be aware of

Big E TV is hosted and produced by Patrick Eger. After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the United States Army as a military police officer, where he served as an MP both in and out of combat. Patrick served honorably and was honorably discharged three times because he answered the call whenever our country needed his special abilities in times of need.

Brandon Eger, Big E TV’s co-host, began working with his father in their part-time video series ‘Pure Adrenaline Outdoors’ in 1999 when he was very young. Starting at such a young age, he quickly became one of the most talented outdoor videographers in the industry, as well as a valuable asset to the show due to his ability to conduct and shoot high-quality videos simultaneously.

Brandon also served as an engineer in the US Army Reserve before returning to work with his father.

Billy Katsigiannis, also known as Billy Kats, is the host and owner of GVK11Outdoors.com, a hunting and fishing blog that includes videos, reports, guides, reviews, and other content.

Billy Katsigiannis has been hunting and fishing all over the world since he was three years old, which is why he founded GVK11 Outdoors Consulting, a company that specializes in hunting area management.

May there be any other speakers at Chicago Sports Show?

Of course, it’s only a short listing of those experts who had already participated in Chicago Sports Show (but there are more fellows to have been involved). The fair is constantly developing, so the list will be expanded.