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Captain Mike Corblies
Capt. Mike Corblies

American Fly Fishing Schools

Mike Corblies is a world class teacher and videographer of the sport he has lived for over 50 years. As the International Director of American Fly Fishing Schools he heads an organization of some of the best casting instructors, fly fishing guides and member lodges throughout North America and the Caribbean.

Mike works with several sporting goods manufacturers as a consultant in product development, testing and sales. Mike also conducts classes and offers guide services from his fly shops located in Island Heights, New Jersey and Palm Bay, Florida. He is a featured speaker and casting instructor at many sports events across America every year.

Captain Mike still fishes and teaches from his kayaks, flats boats and his 26' Dusky for any fish that can be caught on a fly. Learn more about him at

Captain Matt "CATFISH" Firestein
Captain Matt Catfish Firestein


Captain Matt “Catfish” Firestein owns and operates “Whopper Stopper Muskie Charters and Guide Service” on LK. ST. Clair. He has fished and been successful from east of Montreal to Winnipeg. He has had Many tournament wins. He specializes in casting, jigging and trolling for big fish on LK. St. Clair. 20 years of addictive fishing behavior gives him a unique outlook on tactics that will help any angler in the pursuit of giant fish in LSC or his local lakes.

Jeff Frick
Jeff Frick


I have been fishing since I was old enough to hold a cane pole. Caught my first musky in was "game over" from there. My wife Tina and I are focused on catching the biggest musky we can find, anywhere. We also know what is out there as we have had some shots at some truly special fish. We also work very hard at building the toughest and best musky baits for everyone else who shares our passion. Slither Musky Tackle

Slither Musky Tackle

Dan Gapen Sr.
Dan Gapen Sr.

Dan Gapen, Sr. was born in Duluth, Minnesota on April 9, 1932.

He was raised on the Gunflint Trail at his grandparent’s resort on Hungry Jack Lake until he was five years old. He then moved with his parents, Don and Betsy Gapen, to Nipigon, Ontario Canada north of Lake Superior where his family ran a wilderness resort. Throughout his early years young Dan mingled with and was taught in the ways of the Ojibwe customs. Much of what he believes today was formatted in his mind from these teachings. Living off the land during these early years set a lifestyle Dan Gapen, Sr. still embraces.

During his early years Dan spent much of his waking hours cutting firewood for the family’s wood stoves, carrying water by pails for drinking and washing from the lake. Life seemed tough by the education learned formed character. An outhouse and a bath every Saturday night in a galvanized tub with water heated in the water reservoir of the cabin’s kitchen wood stove were the way of life.

Being the son of a man who created the world’s largest selling artificial fly; it was a natural that Dan would continue on and build a fishing tackle company which today still continues to build and sell American made fishing tackle it produces. Both Dan and his father Don are members of the International Fishing Hall of Fame as well as being members of the Domestic Fishing Hall of Fame at Hayward Wisconsin. Dan was nominated for these two prestigious Halls because of his never-ending efforts to preserve the natural environment. This effort saw Dan nominated and selected to the Minnesota Hall of Fame in the year 1997.

Over the years numerous preservation groups have honored Dan Gapen, Sr. for his conservation efforts. In 1982 he was honored by receiving the Modar Conservationist of the year. Through his later years Dan Gapen, Sr. has written and seen published 24 books, many on fishing but the last four (hardbacks) on the adventures he’s experienced throughout life while seeking out stories for the numerous publications he has written for and gathered material for his TV show “Fishing the World with The Ol’ Man and ‘Bobber’ Anne”

Currently, Dan lives north of Minneapolis, Minnesota on his 40 acres of wilderness where he shares his modest cabin with his yellow Labrador, Thumper and all the native wildlife the “Ol’ Forty” shelters.

Pat Harrison
Pat Harrison


Pat Harrison has been fishing for 45 plus years and is an experience USCG Captain in IL. Pat is a fishing educator and does seminars at clubs, and several large Outdoor Mega Stores and enjoys teaching others about fishing and enjoying the outdoors.  Pat is a board member for many clubs keeping his love for fishing alive and spread to many in the outdoor world. Pat also is an experienced Guide on the Chicago River and is an expert on catching smallmouth bass with specific tactics he will share at the Chicago Outdoor Sports Show.  Pat is a Pro Staffer for : Evinrude, Bass Minder, Bass Minder, Never Snag and several others. Pat Harrison's love for the outdoors and knowledge of the sport is something special.

Visit Pat Harrison on FACEBOOK at Pat Harrison Outdoors - Fishing Adventures

Paul Healy
Paul Healy


Paul Healy is the owner of the JIM THORPE FISHING COMPANY based in the scenic Pocono Mountains close by his home waters of the Lehigh River. JTFC offers fly fishing and light tackle trips on well-known streams like Penn’s Creek, Pine Creek, Fishing Creek and the Brodhead to name just a few. Plus New Jersey streams like the Raritan, Musconetcong and the Pequest along with many lakes and ponds.

Paul is also an accomplished surf fisherman and has expanded his guiding to include trips along the Jersey Beaches and Back Bays in search of Stripers, Blues, Fluke and other game fish.  Paul is a member guide and instructor for AMERICAN FLY FISHING SCHOOLS and belongs to T.U. and several other conservation organizations.

You can contact Paul at 610-349-0883. Go to and read his blog or through the AFFS national office.

William Heim
William Heim


William Heim of Night Prowler Guide Service is one of the premier fishing guides of the Midwest specializing in Lake Geneva and Lake Delavan, WI. He is an experienced multi species guide and someone you should know. William was born in 1963 and grew up in Southeastern Wisconsin. His grandfather had William out early in life and was hunting and fishing at age 4 and its been history ever since. William a full time guide specializes in unique ways of teaching others how to adapt to the toughest conditions. He has a Specialty Technique which is Night Fishing using black lights and florescent line making it easier to see while fishing in the dark, and William has it dialed in.

You can contact William at 262-279-5743 or by email at or on Facebook- Night Prowler Guide Service

Richard Holm
Richard Holm


I was born in Cook County IL in 1947. At the age of 5, we moved to Portage, IN. where I have resided since. I was employed at United States Steel Gary Works for thirty seven years before retiring in 2003. Over the years, I have fished in various parts of the county including Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Florida and even portions of Canada. I have fished for several different types of fish, including Large & Small Mouth Bass, Northern Pike, Musky, White Bass, Catfish, Carp, Walleye’s, Lake Perch, Coho, Chinook (Kings), Steelhead and Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Brook and Lake Trout, Striper’s, Blues, Redfish, Tarpon as well as Bonefish.

For the past 24 years, I have owned and operated Sea Quest Lures (which became Sea Quest Lures, Inc. ® in 1998), manufacturing Trolling Spoons and Trolling Flies for the Great Lakes, as well as a fly tying device for fly fishing. I have placed first in both the Salmon Unlimited of Indiana and Hoosier Coho Club Classic Tournaments in the past as well as taking a number of 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th placing in various Great Lakes Salmon Tournaments.

Matt Kapraun


All-American Taxidermy

Seminar 1

  • Title: Introduction to Taxidermy
  • Short Description: Matt will go over various field care techniques in order for the hunter or fisherman to best preserve their trophy before they can get to the taxidermist. Matt will also go over some of the taxidermy processes used by todays standards.

Seminar 2

  • Title: Hunting in Africa. How do I get my trophies back home?
  • Short Description: Matt will talk about what is needed on getting your trophies back home from your Africa Safari and the processes you need to know before and after your trip.

All-American Taxidermy, Bring Your Adventure Home

Ranger Rick Krueger
Rick Krueger


Owner of Guides Choice Pro Shop, Eagle River, Wisconsin

Professional Walleye and Musky Fisherman and guide since 1980

Lead Educator for Guides Choice Fishing Schools since 1986
(formerly Fishing Hot Spots Adventures)

Historically the only musky guide to catch 3 LEGAL musky simultaneously

Past field editor for Wisconsin Woods N’ Waters Magazine and Wisconsin Sportsman Magazine

One of the original field editors for Musky Hunter Magazine

Bob Mehsikomer
Bob Mehsikomer

Wife: Darlene
Sons: Mike (wife) Tracy and Jason (wife) Beth
Grandchildren: Landon, Evan, Mason and the latest keeper Brayden.

Simply Fishing Extreme Television is a 30-minute series hosted by Bob

On the 19th of August 2010 history was made when Bob Mehsikomer became the first angler in the world to achieve the Cast-To, Catch and Release of 100 Muskies over the 50” benchmark, all on artificial and ALL released. That is the reason many in the muskie world claim him to be the best of the best. Although if you ask him, he will tell you he is simply a committed angler chasing the most elusive apex predator in North America’s fresh waters.

The time and devotion to the pursuit of the muskie, bass, walleye, northern pike, lake trout, tarpon, sailfish, roosterfish, peacock bass and many other species are what makes this man the skilled angler he is. He studies the environment, the location, forage and the predator at a level others could only dream of. The devil is in the details Bob always says. When asked by a would be potential sponsor what made him so efficient on the water, he simply stated when you do it for a living, and living depends on eating, you learn fast and thoroughly. Every cast, every fish and every mistake are recorded in his day-to-day life on the water.


Bob is noted for his abilities to educate his fellow anglers. He has held many muskie schools in the US and Canada focused at raising the skills and abilities of anglers wanting a more rewarding experience for their time on the water. Many of his co-instructors have gone on to build their own place in the fishing industry as a result of their involvement.
And there is more…much more from this one of a kind angler driven by the challenge of the fish, the environment, the industry and the technology within it. There is much to learn from Bob if one is willing to listen. Will you be that one?

For more information regarding Bob Mehsikomer please contact Simply Fishing Extreme TV.
Simply Fishing Extreme Television

Mike Mladenik
Mike Mladenik

Recognized as one of the top smallmouth bass experts in North America, Mike has boated hundreds of smallmouth over five pounds and many over six pounds. Mike's been guiding for over 30 years in Northern Wisconsin. Along with guiding for smallmouth bass, Mike also guides for walleye, muskie and largemouth bass.  His expertise spans the bounty of rivers, reservoirs and lakes. He derives great satisfaction in teaching technique and location/weather analysis to clients helping them catch more fish. In addition to being a full time guide, Mike is a contributing author to many national and regional publications and has authored several books.

"Bobber" Anne
Bobber Annie Anne Orth


Growing up on a turkey farm in central Minnesota, the only opportunity Anne had to fish was in the small creek which flowed through the farm. Here, during time out from farm work, she chased and captured bullhead, pike and small roughfish. It was a beginning which eventually grew into a career when she went to work for the Gapen Tackle Company as a sales assistant at sports shows across the nation. Her first item to promote was the company’s European-style floats, thus the eventual trade name - ‘Bobber’ Anne. To this day 25 years later you can still find ‘Bobber’ Anne at one of the major sports shows pitching not only the floats but all products Gapen’s manufactures. She has become proficient in the use of all products used in salt and freshwater.

She is capable of using spinning, casting, fly and saltwater standup rods and reels. To her credit is a 68-pound world record Cubera Snapper and a 243- pound, 8-foot-2 inch tarpon, as well as several 50- pound- plus lake trout. She has caught numbers of trophy northern pike, muskie, stripers, smallmouth bass, brook trout, (a 7 1/2 pound Brookie, her largest), and an 11 ½ lb. walleye. The species numbers go on and on. Several trips to South America have seen Anne land and release giant red tail catfish as large as 100 lbs., along with 42 other species of South American fish. But, if you were to ask Anne what her favorite fish is, I’m sure the answer would be the fat- bellied channel cats she’s caught so many of. Her largest channel cat tipped the scales at 39 pounds. Happily Anne will pat the belly of a big cat she holds up for a photo and can be heard to say “That’s my fat cat!”

There isn’t a North American freshwater fish she hasn’t caught, from the Alligator Gar, to the mighty Chinook Salmon. In all she’s taken in excess of 50 species of North American fish including a 7-pound smallmouth bass.

Besides being an ardent angler, Anne loves to hunt big game and waterfowl. To her credit, caribou, mule deer, black bear and whitetail deer all have been taken. When waterfowl hunting she loves to work the northern snow geese.

An additional accomplishment of Anne’s has been to obtain a pilot’s license, a talent sometimes used when filming for a fishing show.

During her 25 years with Gapen’s she has become a host for the T.V. show Anglin’ USA promoted by OMC, and later co-hosted with Dan Gapen Sr. on the Sportsman Channel and Direct TV’s show “Fishing the World with the Ol’ Man and Bobber Anne”. Add to this Anne‘s endeared herself to the MidWest Outdoors TV fans over the years. Of course it became a must to learn how to work the video camera and she has become very adept in its use, now using High Def, and also extensive underwater filming.

One of the Gapen Company’s specialties is strike footage of underwater game fish. Ask Dan Gapen, and he’ll tell you that Anne is as good as there is when it comes to the underwater capturing of fish action on film, and the striking of fish as they come to bait.

Anne has learned to use the still camera for the photos so important in accompanying articles, books and catalogs her and Dan publish.

Because Anne has been working so long with the “Ol’ Man”, she too has taken to writing monthly columns on fishing. How, when and why, from a woman’s point of view, are offered. Her natural command of the English language, how to punctuate it and how to align sentence structure have become an endearing asset to Gapen’s. In December of 2011 Anne and Dan published a book together called ‘Adventure Fishing the Americas’. Anne edited the manuscript and contributed 8 of the chapters on fishing. She’s edited 4 of the last books Dan Gapen, Sr. has written. Dan readily admits his spelling is bad and his punctuation is terrible. “Without Anne cleaning up after me, my scripts would be horrid!” Anne helped edit Dan’s latest book, a 662- page monster called ‘A Wilderness Life As I Lived It’.

Over the years Anne has given countless children’s “How To” fishing seminars which she’s done at a number of sports shows as well as representing OMC at a huge school in Florida which taught fishing as a subject.

If you ever pick up one of the many educational fishing DVDs that Gapen’s produces, you might be pleased to hear ‘Bobber’ Anne as the narrator and participator. Her quiet unassuming way of educating the angler comes across to encourage the family viewer to give fishing a go.

Yes, though Anne Orth is an angler first, she is a well-rounded outdoorsperson, one of a humble and modest making, never tooting her own horn. A person of character high enough to be in the Fishing Hall of Fame. In fact, she has been nominated for the National Fishing Hall of Fame and the Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame.

Spence Petros
Spence Petros

Spence Petros is one of North America's most versatile and well-respected anglers. Author, fishing educator, tournament angler, tackle designer and veteran of over 125 television shows, including three years on ESPN's national show "the Outdoor Writers".

In 1989 Petros was inducted into the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame, and is listed among the "Living Legends of American Sportfishing", a book authored by Larry Colombo profiling 100 of the top people in the sportfishing industry. Spence was editor of Fishing Facts magazine for 22-years and now writes regularly for some of the top fishing magazines in North America which include North American Fisherman, Midwest Outdoors, Fishing Facts, Bassin', Crappie Magazine and Musky Hunter. He also appears regularly on TV with Babe Winkelman and Joe Bucher, along with being a regular on Midwest Outdoors TV shows.

Spence's career has been dedicated to "teaching fishermen to catch more fish".

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