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MEET THE EXPERTS: Archived Library of Previous Years Speakers & Celebrity Guests

Frank Addington, Jr. is an instinctive archer that has been shooting a bow and arrow since the age of 4 and on stage since he was 18 performing what some in the media have dubbed "an amazing array of bow and arrow razzle dazzle". Addington's exhibitions feature several one of a kind shots such as aerial targets as small as baby aspirin shot from mid air from behind his back! Addington's entire show can be performed this way--- multiple arrow shots up to 12 arrows at once, multiple targets--- all behind the back! Addington is believed to be the first archer in the world to hit a baby aspirin from mid air from behind his back. In 2007 he hit three flying baby aspirin with three arrows, and he can also hit a flying mustard seed from mid air.

Addington notes, "Accuracy with a bow is pretty simple when you shoot instinctively. It's all about target acquisition--seeing the target, drawing the bow and then firing. I don't look at the bow, arrow or anything but my target. It's actually a pretty pure system of shooting. Tough to master but easy once learned. I have performed coast to coast but this marks my first Chicago appearance in my 27 year career. I'm pretty excited about it!"

Addington, 44, lives in Winfield, West Virginia. He and his wife are both graduates of Marshall University and have a son named Gus who has been shooting a bow since he was 18 months old. Addington's family has been in the retail archery business most of his life and he grew up around legends of the sport like Fred Bear, Earl Hoyt and other well known archers.

Come and see for yourself why rock and roll legend calls Addington "the master". Seeing is believing, see you at the show!


David Alwan of Central Illinois' Echo Valley Meats will share his knowledge and insight while demonstrating his venison butchering technique. David will share extremely valuable processes and tricks of the trade on how to properly cut and debone venison. David's methods can help hunters garner the most meat from their deer. Additional time will be spent focused on sharing techniques specific to the loin and hind quadrants, along with the front shoulder.

Hunters rely upon Dave Alwan and Echo Valley Meats for deer processing each season. His knowledge and experience has lead him to begin instructing and sharing with others the professional secrets of processing venison and other meats. His popular Sausage Processing Short Course provides instruction in preparing fresh brats, snack sticks and venison sausage in the home environment. At the end of the demonstration, attendees will have learned how to make 10 pounds of fresh venison brats, 10 pounds of venison snack sticks, and 10 pounds of venison summer sausage.

Hunters, you have spent a great deal of time and money harvesting your wild game. Why not learn from David Alwan, a fellow hunter professional meat cutter and sausage maker. He can help you make that venison or other game taste great!


Sport Show Seminar Summaries

Learn the basics in  “Kids Fishing 411” seminar, Presented by Dan Armitage

Dan uses a simple cane pole and live bait backed up by props that include an anatomically correct catfish hand puppet, the "World's Largest Fishing Hook" and "World's Largest Fishing Lure" and a simple question-and-answer format to explain the basics of fishing to kids.
Learn the basics of Ice fishing at “Ice Fishing 411”  With Dan Armitage.  Watch as he demonstrates, rather than merely describe, the basics of ice fishing from atop an "ice" platform. 

Dan has a BS in Education and led Ohio's Hooked On Fishing-Not On Drugs educational program for the Ohio Division of Wildlife when it kicked off nationally a decade ago. Dan is a  full time freelance outdoors and boating writer, syndicated outdoor radio show host ( and he travels the nation during the winter months leading fishing and boating seminars at sport shows.                                                                                

For details contact:

Greg Bohn

“Slipfloat Master Greg Bohn has likely caught more walleyes under slip bobbers
than any angler alive!”
In-Fisherman Magazine

What About Greg
Mr. Slip Bobber®

National Pro-Staff
Lindy Tackle, Humminbird Sonars and Minn Kota

Wisconsin’s Legendary Walleye Guide
“Bohn could be the finest walleye guide to ever carve a path through the Northwoods”
-Lakeland Times-

National Award Winning Tackle Designer
ICAST Best of Show Award -Lindy No Snagg Rig developed by Ron Lindner and Greg Bohn

Professional Walleye Guide 37/yrs (Full Time)

Author (5) Walleye Books

Over 150 nationally published articles: In-Fisherman," "Walleye In-Sider," "Fishing Facts", Midwest Outdoors, Outdoor Life and "North American Fisherman."

1997 Wisconsin State Walleye Champ

1996 Michigan State Walleye Champ

1994 Michigan State Walleye Champ

1993 Vilas County Musky Marathon Champ

1993 Largest Musky 56”-#44-8 oz. taken in North America

Guided 2-Clients #15lb Walleye and 1-Client #14lb

Guided 2-Clients #25lb and #17lb World line Class Walleye Records

4 -Time World Line Class Walleye Record Holder (Catch & Release) Division
#10lb-, #12lb-, #15lb- and #17lb

Frequent guest In-Fisherman Radio, Mike Jackson Outdoors and Steve Sarley Outdoors

Contact Info
Greg Bohn at Strictly Walleye 6087 Hwy 51 S. Hazelhurst, WI. 54531 - Phone: (715) 356-4633 -

“When it comes to the fine points of float fishing, nobody knows it better than Greg Bohn"
Al Lindner, Hall of Fame Angler
Host of Angling Edge Television, Brainerd, MN

Kip Campbell


Kip Campbell is the host and owner of Red Arrow TV, a hunting show airing on Outdoor Channel during the Sunday night prime time block, as well as Wednesday afternoons and Tuesday mornings. Kip has been hunting his whole life as he grew up in the country near the banks of the James River in Central Virginia and spent his days bow hunting, fishing, and playing sports at Fork Union Military Academy. 

Red Arrow aired its first four seasons on Sportsman Channel from 2007-2011, and hen moved to Outdoor Channel for its past two seasons. The show is currently airing its sixth season and filming for season 7 is taking place right now. While airing on Sportsman Channel, Red Arrow received three Sportsman Channel Award nominations and took home awards for Best Combination Show and Top Outdoor Producer. After moving to Outdoor Channel in 2012, Red Arrow was nominated for three Outdoor Channel Golden Moose Awards, and the show has been nominated for more Golden Moose awards this year including Fan Favorite Host, Hunting Series, and Best Overall Series, while also receiving a Sportsman Channel Award nomination for Best Blooper in 2013. 

Red Arrow is also proud to have special guest and friend Zac Brown from the Zac Brown Band, as part of the team. Zac makes occasional appearances on the show and also supplies Red Arrow with original music from artists on his record label, Southern Ground Artists. Although Kip hunts all over the world today, he still lives in the small town of Fork Union, VA and frequently hunts the same ground he hunted as a kid. He not only wants to continue to grow Red Arrow, he more importantly wants Red Arrow viewers to understand just what hunting and living in the country means to everyone involved with Red Arrow TV. 

Feel free to visit our website and the Red Arrow Facebook Page to learn more about the show and our team! 

John Cleveland


John Cleveland

John Cleveland has been an avid fly fisherman for almost 50 years. He began launching flies into the wind at the age of 10 and was immediately hooked on the challenge of temping fish with the use of hook, feathers and fur. John’s “Day Job” as Marketing Director of Eppinger Mfg. Co. (Makers of the famous Dardevle Spoon) has enabled him to travel to some of Canada’s prime fishing destinations and gain hands on experience while fishing the pristine and remote waters of Northern Canada. John is both an accomplished fly angler and spoon fisherman and uses both in his quest for adventure in the North Country. John holds numerous fly fishing and conventional tackle catch and release line class world records for Lake Trout and Arctic Char. John lives in Ypsilanti, Michigan with his family.

I enjoy the challenge, adventure and camaraderie of participating in a sport that takes me to some of the most beautiful places on earth as part of my job. Sharing these wonderful experiences and helping people to plan their own personalized North Country adventures is very rewarding. I believe it’s important to keep an enthusiastic and down to earth perspective while fishing and just let yourself have fun. Keep it simple and enjoy the game.

Capt. Mike Corblies

American Fly Fishing Schools

Mike Corblies is a world class teacher and videographer of the sport he has lived for over 50 years. As the International Director of American Fly Fishing Schools he heads an organization of some of the best casting instructors, fly fishing guides and member lodges throughout North America and the Caribbean.

Mike works with several sporting goods manufacturers as a consultant in product development, testing and sales. Mike also conducts classes and offers guide services from his fly shops located in Island Heights, New Jersey and Palm Bay, Florida. He is a featured speaker and casting instructor at many sports events across America every year.

Captain Mike still fishes and teaches from his kayaks, flats boats and his 26' Dusky for any fish that can be caught on a fly. Learn more about him at

John Crews


John Crews knows a thing or two about designing and fishing with shallow crankbaits. This class is worth a look.

John crews is renowned for being an excellent shallow water crankbait angler. In this Bass University TV class, he shares his secrets for effectively finding and catching shallow bass. Some very in-depth information that’s pertinent to every angler!

Jim Crowley

Jim Crowley has worked in the Outdoor industry for over 20 years.

His father started him fishing when he was 3 years old. Now an avid hunter and IDNR certified wing shooting instructor as well, Jim hunts and fishes his way throughout the Midwest and Canada. He is the host of HOOK AND HUNT TV.COM, which is one of the fastest growing internet outdoor shows and in 2012 that brand expanded to HOOK AND HUNT RADIO. ( Crowley has also hosted Midwest Outdoors magazine television on numerous occasions since 2000 and recently won his second reader’s choice award for Midwest Outdoors Magazine. He has been featured on the cover of Midwest Outdoors, Fishing Facts Magazine, Heartland Outdoors and Adventure Sports Outdoors. Crowley has done hundreds of radio interviews and has been interviewed by numerous periodicals including In-Fisherman magazine, The Chicago Tribune and the Winnipeg Sun.

Jim is a member of the Bass Pro Shops Redhead hunting team as well as a member of the Rapala Pro-staff. 
Jim Crowley is a Christian, a hunter, fisherman, traveler and adventurer. Become a member of Hook and Hunt by going to

J. Crowley

Ott DeFoe


Arthur (Ott) F. DeFoe was born on September 17, 1985 to Bud and Erieka DeFoe in Knoxville, TN. When he was 9 years he took a trip to Okeechobee, FL and that's where his love for bass fishing began.

Ott fished his first tournament that fall with his dad and they did not catch a fish! From that next spring til fall they fished in over 50 tournaments. They did not have a lot of success but that did not stop him from trying. It took over two years of fishing local tournaments before they ever got their first check. When Ott turned 12 he joined the East Tennessee Bass Anglers club. It was there that he learned most of the skills he possesses today.

Brandon Eger


Brandon Eger – The co-host of Big E TV began working with his father in 1999 at a very young age in their part time video series “Pure Adrenaline Outdoors”. By starting so young he became one of the most talented outdoor videographers in the business and a true asset to the show, able to guide and film quality video at the same time. Brandon also served in the U.S. Army reserves as an Engineer and returned to work with his father as soon as he was released.

His efforts to help build Big E TV and his mutual desire to help educate and unite hunters to protect rights and freedoms is instrumental. Brandon realizes how important all hunting is and how important it is for every hunter to support one another regardless whether they choose to participate in each other’s activity or not. In Brandon’s words, “The only way we can assure a future of hunting is to stand together on ALL fronts”.

Patrick Eger


Patrick Eger is the host and producer of Big E TV. He came from the Farm fields of central Wisconsin and after high school he entered the U.S. Army as a Military Police officer as a combat and non-combat MP. Patrick served honorably and has received 3 honorable discharges as each time this country called on his special skills in our times of need he answered the call.

Between his times in the service he was a marketing expert for AGCO manufacturing, training sales and service personnel across the country and across the globe on specialized hydrostatic agricultural machinery operation and sales. His passion was always the hunting business and in 1999 he started a part time video series with his son called “Pure Adrenaline Outdoors”. With his son shortly thereafter joining the military, the video series was put on hold and Patrick soon realized the need to focus on the mission at hand of uniting hunters to prevent the loss of our hard earned rights and freedoms through division within our own ranks.

It was the realization of the need of preserves and ranches by seeing his comrades, ill children, people who did not have time to hunt elsewhere and people who could not hunt elsewhere that drove him to fine tune Big E TV and make it his Passion, his Drive and his life.


Seminar: “Bass Academy Topic “Finding Fish with Today’s Electronics”
Tank Demo: “How to Search, Find & Harvest Tournament Winning Fish”

Session Description
Gene Ellison is well respected for his ability to explain (simply and in detail) how to use today’s new electronic equipment to locate fish fast.  There are many different electronic tools available today and Gene will breakdown which ones you should consider using, and how to get results the first time out on the water this season.  From sonar to gps, to seasonal patterns and fish migration routes & behavior patterns - this seminar is “jam packed” with easy to understand and immediately useful techniques.  You will really understand the importance of seasonal patterns and will become a better angler just by attending and taking notes!

Professional Tournament Angler Gene Ellison "The Fishing Machine" is considered one of the country’s most enthusiastic and successful tournament & promotional anglers today ! Gene competes in National, Regional and Local Bass Fishing tournaments, as well as being the designer and host of “The Bass Academy.”  Gene has a passion for introducing kids & families into fishing and organizes dozens of PLANO & Berkley "Teach Me Fishing" Classes just for kids each year.

Jay Gillfillan


Jay Gillfillan, Ridgeway, Ohio
Tournament Fishing 28 yrs
BFL, ABA Weekend Series, BASS Opens (southern and northern) Everstart Series (southern and northern) Everstart National Qualifier (21st) 10 time Regional Qualifier, 3 time ABA National Qualifier, Shallow Water Fishing Expert, Pro Staff for Power Pole, Gamma Fishing, Elite Rods, Kietech Baits and Hawg Trough Fishing Team

Captain Matt Catfish Firestein


Captain Matt “Catfish” Firestein owns and operates “Whopper Stopper Muskie Charters and Guide Service” on LK. ST. Clair. He has fished and been successful from east of Montreal to Winnipeg. He has had Many tournament wins. He specializes in casting, jigging and trolling for big fish on LK. St. Clair. 20 years of addictive fishing behavior gives him a unique outlook on tactics that will help any angler in the pursuit of giant fish in LSC or his local lakes.



Pete has been competing on the highest professional levels for more than ten years qualifying for both the Bassmaster Classic and the FLW Outdoors Championship. He currently has the record for the heaviest winning margin in the history of the FLW Stren Series finishing almost 18 pounds in front of 2nd place. Pete is a river specialist and has won on both the Bassmaster’s and FLW Outdoors tournament trails. Pete is also recognized as one of the most informative and entertaining seminar speakers in the business.

To learn more, visit

Paul Healy


Paul Healy is the owner of the JIM THORPE FISHING COMPANY based in the scenic Pocono Mountains close by his home waters of the Lehigh River. JTFC offers fly fishing and light tackle trips on well-known streams like Penn’s Creek, Pine Creek, Fishing Creek and the Brodhead to name just a few. Plus New Jersey streams like the Raritan, Musconetcong and the Pequest along with many lakes and ponds.

Paul is also an accomplished surf fisherman and has expanded his guiding to include trips along the Jersey Beaches and Back Bays in search of Stripers, Blues, Fluke and other game fish.  Paul is a member guide and instructor for AMERICAN FLY FISHING SCHOOLS and belongs to T.U. and several other conservation organizations.

You can contact Paul at 610-349-0883. Go to and read his blog or through the AFFS national office.

Dan Gapen

Dan Gapen, Sr. was born in Duluth, Minnesota on April 9, 1932.

He was raised on the Gunflint Trail at his grandparent’s resort on Hungry Jack Lake until he was five years old. He then moved with his parents, Don and Betsy Gapen, to Nipigon, Ontario Canada north of Lake Superior where his family ran a wilderness resort. Throughout his early years young Dan mingled with and was taught in the ways of the Ojibwe customs. Much of what he believes today was formatted in his mind from these teachings. Living off the land during these early years set a lifestyle Dan Gapen, Sr. still embraces.

During his early years Dan spent much of his waking hours cutting firewood for the family’s wood stoves, carrying water by pails for drinking and washing from the lake. Life seemed tough by the education learned formed character. An outhouse and a bath every Saturday night in a galvanized tub with water heated in the water reservoir of the cabin’s kitchen wood stove were the way of life.

Being the son of a man who created the world’s largest selling artificial fly; it was a natural that Dan would continue on and build a fishing tackle company which today still continues to build and sell American made fishing tackle it produces. Both Dan and his father Don are members of the International Fishing Hall of Fame as well as being members of the Domestic Fishing Hall of Fame at Hayward Wisconsin. Dan was nominated for these two prestigious Halls because of his never-ending efforts to preserve the natural environment. This effort saw Dan nominated and selected to the Minnesota Hall of Fame in the year 1997.

Over the years numerous preservation groups have honored Dan Gapen, Sr. for his conservation efforts. In 1982 he was honored by receiving the Modar Conservationist of the year. Through his later years Dan Gapen, Sr. has written and seen published 24 books, many on fishing but the last four (hardbacks) on the adventures he’s experienced throughout life while seeking out stories for the numerous publications he has written for and gathered material for his TV show “Fishing the World with The Ol’ Man and ‘Bobber’ Anne”

Currently, Dan lives north of Minneapolis, Minnesota on his 40 acres of wilderness where he shares his modest cabin with his yellow Labrador, Thumper and all the native wildlife the “Ol’ Forty” shelters.

Todd Gessner

Todd Gessner has been a full time fishing and hunting guide for 28 years. He began his guiding career in southern Illinois at Rend Lake and has long been the area’s premier Crappie guide. For the last five years, he has traveled to Boulder Junction, Wisconsin to guide there May thru September. He continues to guide in southern Illinois the rest of the year. With many outdoor television appearances and appearance in articles in numerous regional and national publications he is a very familiar face in the outdoor world. His fishing and hunting seminars are well attended and applauded all over the Midwest. His induction, in 2011, into the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame as a Legendary Guide is very well deserved.


Jay Gillfillan, Ridgeway, Ohio    Tournament Fishing 28 yrs    BFL, ABA Weekend Series, BASS Opens (southern and northern) Everstart Series (southern and northern) Everstart National Qualifier (21st) 10 time Regional Qualifier, 3 time ABA National Qualifier, Shallow Water Fishing Expert, Pro Staff for Power Pole, Gamma Fishing, Elite Rods, Kietech Baits and Hawg Trough Fishing Team.



Pete has been competing on the highest professional levels for more than ten years qualifying for both the Bassmaster Classic and the FLW Outdoors Championship. He currently has the record for the heaviest winning margin in the history of the FLW Stren Series finishing almost 18 pounds in front of 2nd place. Pete is a river specialist and has won on both the Bassmaster’s and FLW Outdoors tournament trails. Pete is also recognized as one of the most informative and entertaining seminar speakers in the business.

To learn more, visit


Dustan Harley was born less than a mile from the Saint Joseph River and can’t remember a time when he wasn’t on the river fishing.  He grew up fishing on the rivers of Indiana and Michigan and is lucky enough today to spend most days on those same rivers.  He founded Ripple Guide Service in 1999 to give fishermen an unforgettable experience.  He guides the rivers of Indiana and Michigan for steelhead, salmon, trout, smallmouth bass, pike, and just about anything else that swims.  Dustan has also spoken to fly fishing clubs from Tennessee to California.  When not on the river, he can be found fishing with his children or designing new flies for the fish he loves to fool. 


Born and raised in Central Ohio, Adam Hays was destined to be a whitetail hunter. " My father was a bowhunter, when he was 4 years old he stuck a small fiberglass bow in his hands, 39 years later he's still flinging arrows!" After graduating high school in 1985, Adam worked in the construction field for nearly 20 years before leaving a successful career with Columbia Gas, to work in the Hunting Industry full time.

Adam got his start as a freelance videographer for Wolf Creek Productions in the early 90's, hunting and filming for the American Archer and Outdoor America. Adam then went on to work in production, spending two seasons producing "Hunting on the Horizon" for Skyline Camoflauge Adam went on to work with Lone Wolf Treestands where he produced "Whitetail Addictions" for 4 years. In 2009, Adam landed a prestigious spot with ESPN and outdoor legend Tom Miranda, working as a field producer and showcasing his efforts on Dominant Bucks, the number 1 rated show on the Outdoor channel.

Adams love for the outdoors and his passion for hunting big whitetails has led to a wall of over Two Dozen Pope & Young class bucks.  Adam continues to pursue his passion with a goal to be the first bowhunter to harvest 4 wild whitetails over the 200 inch mark!

Seminar Description
My seminars will be given on the topic of hunting specific, mature animals and the best time of the year to harvest them. Concentrating on hunting during the early season, I have taken all my biggest animals during the pre rut phase of October and I will highlight on the tactics of pre and post season scouting, monitoring bucks all year long through use of trail cameras and observation stands, along with finding a big bucks weak spot ( the best place to harvest him) and how to use the wind and the moon to your favor to help you score. Tips on suburban hunting and filming your own hunt will be included.

Bob Mehsikomer


Capt. Don House owner of branson fishing guide service in branson missouri. I’m a full time professional fishing guide on table rock lake. I guide a total of 225 days a year and on the water well over 300 days. Guiding and tournament experience totaling over 20 years. I specialize and have become an expert on deep water fishing using humminbird electronics.

Sponsored by these outstanding companies: yamaha boat companies, skeeter boats, g3 boats, yamaha outboards, humminbird, minn kota, cannon, lakemaster, grandt rods, omega custom tackle and berkley select.

Session Description

Basics of reading and understanding humminbird electonincs. The how- to read your humminbird electronincs. We will discuss all aspects of reading each screen that is on their humminbird graph and discuss what is seen via screen shots and slide shows presentation. We will discuss the following screen captures for 2-d, side imaging, humminbird 360, down imaging and gps mapping.

Randy Howell

Randy Howell is one of the finest and most consistent anglers in the Bassmaster Elite Series. He's finished in the Top 10 of the Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year rankings four times and is headed for his 10th Classic in 2012. When Howell talks bass fishing everyone should listen, and when fall rolls around he reaches for a shallow-running crankbait.
To learn more about Randy Howell, visit

Rick KruegerJeff Peltier

huntLINX and Outdoor Tracker Systems

Jeff Peltier and Joe Curran of Outdoor Tracker Systems will demonstrate huntLINX, a unique Hunt & Property Management Software program.  Jeff lives in Sioux Falls SD and has 22 years in Sales and Marketing in Industrial Automation, Manufacturing, Product Representation, and Distribution, with over 30 years experience afield in MN, SD, OH.  Joe comes from Springboro OH with over 30 years experience in Customer Service and Product Management, and has enjoyed hunting big game from Pennsylvania to South Dakota.

Click here for more information!

HuntLINX Outdoor Tracker Systems

He's not one of the old style fishermen. He is a fast-talking, intense, summa cum laude graduate of Rowan University.
- New York Times about Mike Iaconelli

Career Highlights
2009 2nd Place Bassmaster Classic
2008 Stren Series Northern Division Points Champion
2008 Winner Stren Series Northern Division Event at Kerr Lake
2006 Bass Angler of the Year
2006 Winner BASS Southern Challenge
2005 Winner FLW Chevy Open
2003 Bassmaster Classic Champion
2002 Winner Georgia Tour
1999 Winner Vermont Top 150
1999 Wrangler Angler
1998 Winner BFL Champlain
1998 NJ B.A.S.S. Federation Mr. Bass
1997 Redman Points Champion
1994 Winner NC Top 100 Amatuer Division

Mike Iaconelli has been fishing his entire life, he enjoys developing knowledge on numerous lakes, reservoirs, and rivers throughout the country. Mike spends approximately 200 days a year on the water. He enjoys guiding part-time, writing fishing articles and designing lures. Mike also participates in numerous fishing shows and seminars throughout the year.

William Katsigiannis


Billy Kats is the host and owner of a hunting and fishing blog which contains videos, reports, how to’s, reviews etc. Billy has been hunting and fishing all over the world since the age of 3. As a result, Billy has created GVK11 Outdoors Consulting- a hunting property management company.

About GVK11 Outdoors

GVK 11 Outdoors stands for George Vasilios Katsigiannis my father, best friend, and hunting and fishing mentor. The number 11 was his lucky number. Unfortunately, my father passed away in August of 2007. He touched many people’s lives in numerous different ways. His generousity, respect for others, and his charisma were unmatched. He truly was a LEGEND! My father and I fished and hunted all over the world from the arctic circle to Africa since I was a young kid. I was always by his side. As a result, it turned me into an avid hunter and fisherman. The outdoors is not a hobbie or a way to get away for me, IT IS MY LIFE! So in turn, GVK 11 Outdoors was created. The intention of GVK 11 Outdoors is to teach people about the great world of the outdoors and to inform people on whats going on with hunting and fishing via reports, blogs and videos. For More information, click here.

Kurt Kopala


Landing his first fish in-utero, Kurt was destined to fish. While completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Physics, he found a love for computer programming. In 2010, he combined his passions of programming and fly fishing by programming a ‘web based, page turning’ app to display an online magazine called a Tight Loop Magazine. Today, Kurt is the Editor-in-Chief of a Tight Loop, although he prefers to call himself just the editor. As a Midwesterner through and through, Kurt missed the publication Fly Fishing The Midwest. The goal of a Tight Loop was to pick up where Fly Fishing The Midwest ended, being the voice of the midwestern fly culture. When not working to promote the regions fisheries, he works equally hard at undermining the seriousness of the sport, reminding his fellow fishermen that Fly Fishing is Fun.

Rick Krueger

Owner of Guides Choice Pro Shop, Eagle River, Wisconsin

Professional Walleye and Musky Fisherman and guide since 1980

Lead Educator for Guides Choice Fishing Schools since 1986
(formerly Fishing Hot Spots Adventures)

Historically the only musky guide to catch 3 LEGAL musky simultaneously

Past field editor for Wisconsin Woods N’ Waters Magazine and Wisconsin Sportsman Magazine

One of the original field editors for Musky Hunter Magazine

Bob Mehsikomer

Wife: Darlene
Sons: Mike (wife) Tracy and Jason (wife) Beth
Grandchildren: Landon, Evan, Mason and the latest keeper Brayden.

Simply Fishing Extreme Television is a 30-minute series hosted by Bob

On the 19th of August 2010 history was made when Bob Mehsikomer became the first angler in the world to achieve the Cast-To, Catch and Release of 100 Muskies over the 50” benchmark, all on artificial and ALL released. That is the reason many in the muskie world claim him to be the best of the best. Although if you ask him, he will tell you he is simply a committed angler chasing the most elusive apex predator in North America’s fresh waters.

The time and devotion to the pursuit of the muskie, bass, walleye, northern pike, lake trout, tarpon, sailfish, roosterfish, peacock bass and many other species are what makes this man the skilled angler he is. He studies the environment, the location, forage and the predator at a level others could only dream of. The devil is in the details Bob always says. When asked by a would be potential sponsor what made him so efficient on the water, he simply stated when you do it for a living, and living depends on eating, you learn fast and thoroughly. Every cast, every fish and every mistake are recorded in his day-to-day life on the water.


Bob is noted for his abilities to educate his fellow anglers. He has held many muskie schools in the US and Canada focused at raising the skills and abilities of anglers wanting a more rewarding experience for their time on the water. Many of his co-instructors have gone on to build their own place in the fishing industry as a result of their involvement.
And there is more…much more from this one of a kind angler driven by the challenge of the fish, the environment, the industry and the technology within it. There is much to learn from Bob if one is willing to listen. Will you be that one?

For more information regarding Bob Mehsikomer please contact Simply Fishing Extreme TV.
Simply Fishing Extreme Television

Marc Miller

Marc Miller is dedicated to making a positive change in Illinois' natural resources and conservation. Marc has advanced ecosystem, habitat and watershed-based restoration and promoted Illinois' potential for recreation opportunities. Marc continually works with leading environmental, recreation, hunting and fishing groups throughout the state.

Key Successes:

• Reopened State Parks closed by predecessor in 2008

• Renewed a commitment to the mission of the Department of Natural Resources by filling critical vacancies with natural
• resource professionals and improved morale with a commitment to rebuild the Department

• Focused on rebuilding IDNR and reverse severe budget cuts by working with the Governor and the General Assembly to
• approve modest increases in fees for fish & wildlife programs

• Worked with the Governor and the General Assembly to restore funding swept from State Fish & Wildlife accounts and for the protection of additional federal funds for fish and wildlife programs

• Restore public trust and accountability with a commitment that funds for IDNR programs will be spent on the programs for which they are intended

• Organized a new Conservation Congress to include and engage conservationists in working together to find solutions for key natural resource issues and to build the next generation of outdoor and conservation enthusiasts

• Increased communication and collaboration within the Illinois River Coordinating Council, a watershed-based commission of state and federal agencies and citizen members with responsibilities for the environmental and economic health of the Illinois River basin. Including the Illinois River Road National Scenic Byway designation.

• Worked with many partners to fully fund the Illinois River Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program to allow for the restoration of over 40,000 conservation acres and help to improve water quality and wildlife habitat along the Illinois River.

• Created and promoted the Illinois Dam Safety Initiative to educate the public about dangers of dams, communicate risks through increased signage, and provide funding for both signs and potential removals or modifications of abandoned or unnecessary dams.

• Promoted rain gardens and other "green infrastructure" that addresses water quality problems and reduces flooding in urban areas with assistance from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.


• Director, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, May 2009 to Present
• Acting Director, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, February 2009 to May 2009
• Senior Policy Advisor and Liaison to the Illinois River Coordinating Council, Office of Lt. Governor, Pat Quinn, June 2004 to February 2009
• Watershed Organizer - Prairie Rivers Network, March 1999 to May 2004
• Environmental compliance Specialist/Intern - Kal Kan Foods, Inc, May 1998 to April 1999
• Research and Production Intern - Cable News Network (CNN) Environment Unit, February 1995 to May 1995
• Intern/Volunteer - Illinois Environmental Council, September 1993 to November 1994


• University of Illinois, Springfield. MA in Environmental Administration, 1996
• Eastern Illinois University. BA in Political Science, 1991


• Age 40
• Wife: Deborah
• Grew up near Mattoon, IL

Mark Millis

Mark was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan. His father owned a welding shop right next door and on the other side of the house, his Aunt and Uncle owned the most popular gun shop in Mid-Michigan. Hence, his future was pre-determined.

Mark began his journey into mechanical know-how at age six with his first mini-bike. It was this mini-bike that turned Mark into a self confessed "Motorhead"! He continued to turn the wrenches on everything from old outboard engines to heavy construction equipment but his true passion remains motorcycles. He owns several vintage motorcycles of all different makes and models including his preferred ride, a nearly mint-condition 1964 Pan-head.

He's also is a 3rd generation journeyman ironworker and owns an ornamental iron workshop. He holds the title of Master Iron Artist endorsed by Michigan State University and in 2002, was named Ornamental Iron Artist of the year.
Fortunately, Mark's passion doesn't end with the ratchet set. His love of the outdoors, including hunting and fishing, actually trumps his mechanical attributes. From farm pond panfish to Great Lake's salmon, from cottontail rabbits to wily whitetails, Mark is in pursuit of all game species.

Sorry ladies, Mark is married to the love of his life, Ann the Angel. Together, they are a culinary duo of wild games delights. The Millis kitchen is a professional grade masterpiece. Don't plan on losing weight if given the chance to visit.

Mark has used his combined knowledge previously as a co-host of Wolf Creek Productions' "Deer City, USA" seen Thursdays on Outdoor Channel. Currently Mark is filming hunts that will be aired on next season!
Mike Mladenik

Recognized as one of the top smallmouth bass experts in North America, Mike has boated hundreds of smallmouth over five pounds and many over six pounds. Mike's been guiding for over 30 years in Northern Wisconsin. Along with guiding for smallmouth bass, Mike also guides for walleye, muskie and largemouth bass.  His expertise spans the bounty of rivers, reservoirs and lakes. He derives great satisfaction in teaching technique and location/weather analysis to clients helping them catch more fish. In addition to being a full time guide, Mike is a contributing author to many national and regional publications and has authored several books.

Kristen Monroe

Kristen Monroe began her career working for Bast Durbin selling advertisements for the outdoors industry in 2007.  She has always loved being outdoors, and finally put her dreams into action in 2010.  After learning how to shoot a hand gun at the NRA's, Women on Target Event.  She quickly escalated in the shooting sports -- learning how to hunt waterfowl, upland game and turkey. As a mother of two, her children have provided motivation to learn as much as she can about the traditional outdoor sports. She believes hunting and fishing are great ways to stay connected to one's family. She has found a new level of confidence through shooting and is determined to pass it onto others.  Her passion is clearly evident in her writing and presentations. Her latest focus has been concealed carry.   Kristen is a freelance writer and currently writes for Outdoor News Publications in an outdoor blog called Pass It On. She is a regular contributor to Women's Outdoor News and other select publications and websites. She is a member of The Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers, National Rifle Association, Ducks Unlimited, Illinois Rifle Association and National Wild Turkey Federation.

Jack Montague Jack Montague is a Federation of Fly Fishers Master Certified Casting Instructor. Jack is the owner of the Wolf Glen Fly Fishing Schools in Punta Gorda and the lead casting instructor for American Fly Fishing Schools in Florida. Jack has over 50 years of fly fishing and fly tying experience from New England to the Keys including six years teaching at Katmai Lodge on the Alagnak River in Alaska. Add in thirty years as a sales representative in the fly fishing business and you have a real industry pro. Contact Jack at
Jessica Nyberg

As Seen on The Sportsman Channel:  Handguns and Defensive Weapons


I'm a firearms instructor and an avid outdoors woman who loves and has a passion for the shooting sports industry. I have been shooting my whole life and I enjoy teaching and introducing new shooters to the sport. I've been hunting large game, waterfowl, and upland game since i was a child. I've worked DNR safety classes, SHOT Show in Las Vegas and multiple firearms trade shows as an independent consultant. I went to school for law enforcement and i'm currently working with Intermedia Outdoors doing gun reviews and appearing on the TV show Handguns and Defensive Weapons

Spence Petros

Spence Petros is one of North America's most versatile and well-respected anglers. Author, fishing educator, tournament angler, tackle designer and veteran of over 125 television shows, including three years on ESPN's national show "the Outdoor Writers".

In 1989 Petros was inducted into the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame, and is listed among the "Living Legends of American Sportfishing", a book authored by Larry Colombo profiling 100 of the top people in the sportfishing industry. Spence was editor of Fishing Facts magazine for 22-years and now writes regularly for some of the top fishing magazines in North America which include North American Fisherman, Midwest Outdoors, Fishing Facts, Bassin', Crappie Magazine and Musky Hunter. He also appears regularly on TV with Babe Winkelman and Joe Bucher, along with being a regular on Midwest Outdoors TV shows.

Spence's career has been dedicated to "teaching fishermen to catch more fish".

Don Pursch

Don Pursch is recognized as one of the most knowledgeable fishermen in the country. He built his reputation as a Muskie guide on Leech Lake, Minnesota and later joined the staff of In-Fisherman. He became their first managing director of instruction for the acclaimed Camp Fish Fishing Institute headquartered in Walker, Minnesota. Don stays in touch with his friends at In-Fisherman and has filmed several of their TV specials and instructional videos at Rowan Lake. He conducts fishing seminars across the country and is also a contributing editor to fishing and outdoor magazines. Don makes himself available to all his guests at Nielsen’s. He is happy to pass on his fishing experience and wisdom to improve their enjoyment of fishing on Rowan Lake.

I've done this show for 32 years and this is the Sport Show of all Sports Shows, don't miss it!

Jen Ripple


Jen is a self-proclaimed fly fishing addict who claims to have water in her veins. Editor-in-Chief of Dun Magazine and Executive Editor of a Tight Loop Magazine, Jen spends her time engaged in fly fishing issues, as well as teaching women’s fly tying and fly casting clinics, speaking nationwide on issues regarding women in fly fishing and devoting her time to conservation efforts through nonprofits. A sounding board for women in this currently male-dominated sport, Jen has created a home base for women worldwide to connect and engage in the fly fishing arena.

Fred Roumbanis

A lot of what Fred Roumbanis knows about bass fishing, he learned before he ever set foot in a bass boat. He grew up in the Bay Area region of California with several golf course-type ponds and small reservoirs within bicycling distance and could usually be found at one or another on most afternoons, and all day on weekends, during breaks in his school schedule and throughout his summer vacations.

To learn more about Fred Roumbanis, visit

Aaron Sands

Muskie Guide and renowned Muskie Angler
Wrote several fishing articles for Outdoor Notebook
Numerous radio fishing shows and fishing seminars

Clint Sands

CEO of Shabbona’s Lakeside Bait, Tackle & Boat Rental
Caught 7 Muskie in one day at Shabbona Lake
Grew up Fishing Shabbona Lake with his Dad & Brother

Denny Sands

Outdoor Hall Of Fame 2010 Inductee
Conducted Fishing seminars since 1982 about Shabbona Lake
Wrote numerous fishing articles for Outdoor notebook Magazine
Appeared on Numerous Outdoor Television and Radio Programs

Ed Stein

You can't miss Kevin Short in his striking hot pink clothes, boat and truck. He has managed to rack up a first place victory on the BASS Elite Series tour in 2009 and again in 2010. With seven years as a pro under his belt he has plenty to say and plenty to teach.

To learn more visit,

Michael Simonton

Professional Bio

Professional Bass Angler
Hometown: Fremont, Ohio
Previous Occupation: Teacher
Professional Tour: Bassmaster Elite Series
Age: 32

Angling Specialties: Spinnerbaits, shallow crankbaits, hollow body frogs, swim jigs, shallow water smallmouths and flipping heavy grass.


2 Time Bassmaster Elite Series qualifier
12 top 50 B.A.S.S. finishes
2011 B.A.S.S. Northern Open Points Champion

Tommy Skarlis

Most competitive anglers like to keep successful tactics a secret. As a fishing educator, Tommy Skarlis promises to share as many of his secrets as possible with his seminar audiences and show attendees.

Honing his fishing skills on the Mississippi River, along with the small lakes, farm ponds, and expansive reservoirs throughout the Midwest. Skarlis’ knack for stalking Walleyes turned into a full-time fishing career in 1991. From 1993 to 1998 he fished the Masters Walleye Circuit (MWC), and along the way earned Team of the Year honors. In additional to qualifying for the Championship eight-out-of-eight times, Skarlis also won the MWC Big Stone Lake Title.

In 1996, Skarlis joined In-Fisherman’s Professional Walleye Trail (PWT). He has since thundered through the circuit, winning the prestigious “PWT Angler of the Year” title in 2004, snatching 17 top-ten finishes, capturing several “Big Fish” Awards, and qualifying for the PWT Championship thirteen straight times. Skarlis earned the nicknames “Mr. Erie” and “Mr. April” by winning the first PWT event of both 2001 at the Detroit River, and in 2002 at Lake Erie. In fact, his total weight of 138.28 pounds for 15 fish at the 2002 Lake Erie Event set an all-time world-record for total tournament weight in a professional event.

In July of 2003 he became part of an elite group by winning his 3rd PWT event, held on Lake Erie in Dunkirk, NY and in April of 2004, he won his Fourth PWT event in as many years – setting numerous records in the PWT. And in 2008, he won the most prestigious title in walleye fishing – the FLW Walleye Tour Championship.

Skarlis won the first AIM Pro Walleye Tour Event in 2009 and also won the 2012 FLW Mississippi River event out of Red Wing, MN. All totaled, Skarlis has qualified for 36 straight national championships and is one of the hottest tourney sticks in the history of competitive walleye fishing.

Ed Stein

Ed Stein is an expert on catching exotic fish in exotic places. He has fished in Alaska, Canada,
and many foreign countries for Tiger Fish, Peacock Bass, Payara, Golden Dorado, Billfish, Marlin,
all five species of Pacific Salmon, many Trout species, Grayling and other exotic species on-the-fly
as well as with traditional tackle. Ed, a well-known and experienced avid angler, is the owner of
FLYFISH TRAVELER - an adventure travel outfitter specializing in Exotic-Adventure-Fishing
Trips-Of-A-Lifetime. For more information:

Nick Tassoni

15-year-old from Rockford, Pulls in Illinois-record walleye (14.75 pounds) from the Pecatonica River on Jan. 7.

Breaks the states oldest Walleye Record!

Suntimes Ad:

Chris Taurisano

T-Bone Guide Service
Fox Chain of Lakes Expert 


Fishing runs in the family for Chris. With his grandfather and uncles all being avid fishermen, it was inevitable that he would grow up very involved in the sport. From years of fishing with his family, to the time spent at Camp Fish fishing with some of the biggest names in the business, to meeting Spence Petros at his fishing school and now spending time on the water with him, it was no surprise that he would excel at this sport. Chris is the owner/operator of T-Bone Guide Service, where he now spends 6-7 days a week on the water guiding and teaching people how to fish. Along with guiding, Chris does many speaking seminars around the midwest and also writes for numerous fishing and outdoor magazines. Chris has an impressive record for putting people on fish and he is quickly becoming a go to guide in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin for all species.  

John Wilkins

USA Fishing Team Angler
Chicago Fishing School

Fishing Instructor! ! !! 630-235-2162 Johnny Wilkins born in a Chicago suburb, has fished in 3 World Championships for Team USA in Portugal - 2007, Belgium - 2009 and Italy - 2011. His best finish was 10th place on day 2 in Portugal for Team USA’s all species team. Top finishes of 5th place in the U.S.A. National qualifier - 2011 and 2nd place overall and 1st place, day one of the U.S. Open - 2002, are also rank tops among his competition finishes. Through competition and local angling, Mr. Wilkins uses modern U.S. fishing tactics for catching fish which include techniques developed in England, France and Italy over the past 300 years around the world. His goal is to show people how to catch fish closest to home in both quantity and size, often only 10 minutes from the city limits.


For more information call Johnny at 630-235 -2162 or visit

Jonathan Vandam

Professional Bass Angler

Jonathon VanDam – JVD as many know him – calls Kalamazoo Michigan home. He is the second youngest angler to ever win a Bassmaster Elite Series title with his July 1, 2012 victory at the Green Bay Challenge in only his second season on the Elite tour!

At the age of only 19, JVD finished an impressive 3rd in his first Bassmaster event as a professional angler – the January 2008 Southern Open on the St. Johns River – after leading the event on day two. In 2009, JVD secured his first national victory in September at the Lake Erie Bassmaster Northern Open!

JVD became a Bassmaster Elite Angler in 2011 after finishing 12th in final rankings of the 2010 Bassmaster Southern Opens. He requalified for the 2012 Bassmaster Elite tour leading to his first Elite Series championship at the July Green Bay Challenge with a 4-day total of 79-2!

A summary of Jonathon VanDam’s Bassmaster Professional Angler Career as of 7/6/2012:

• B.A.S.S. EARNINGS: $222,860.71
• HOMETOWN: Kalamazoo, MI
• BIRTHDATE: August 29, 1988

To read more:

Jacob Wheeler


Wheeler caught the attention of the fishing community in 2011 when he was the youngest angler to win the BFL All-American. In that same year he also claimed an impressive 12th place finish in his first Forrest Wood Cup.

It wasn’t until 2012 that Wheeler truly smashed into the record books at Georgia’s Lake Lanier. Wheeler won in a wire-to-wire victory here, making history and becoming the youngest angler to win the Forrest Wood Cup.

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